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Great Companions

This website has been very successful because of the amount of content it contains: dog training tips, a blog, course descriptions, etc., all of which is searchable by Google. The content is updated monthly, with the class schedule updated weekly in most cases. Some students are given access to a special section that shows video from previous classes. Visit Website. Also see the Scaredy Dog! website, a site for selling Ali Brown's books.

Fretz Simonds Home Builders

This website is updated every six months or so. Most recently, changes were made to the Mountain Park Condominiums section to link to the realtor’s websites. e-Production took 90% of the photographs used in the site.

How Many Dogs?!

this is the site for the book How Many Dogs?!, published by Tanacacia Press (my publishing company). The book about living in harmony in a household with multiple dogs, was an instant success and has received many excellent reviews.

Neff’s Fire Company

Actually this is a very simple and easy to maintain Website that I do on a volunteer basis.

Orchard Hills Training

OK, so here’s one of those cases where the Website's owner still hasn’t gotten me all the information I need to finish it, even after three years! Still it helps her to run a successful business, and because of the way she updates her events and training schedules, it only requires about ½ hour of my time every three months to keep it up-to-date.

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